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Beau’s fight

Beau’s journey through cancer and amputation

Beau’s fight

Beau’s Background

April 24th, 2018 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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3 years ago I found myself wanting to have the company of another dog having left my previous dog behind in the UK 3 years prior after moving to Australia. I spotted Beau on the safe Perth Facebook page. He had been in kennels for 3 years having been abandoned with no name and had finally just started refusing to eat due to giving up after being in kennels so long. I fostered him to start with. When I got him he had kennel cough and was seriously underweight. His head had basically no fat on it and his ribs were showing. He instantly shocked me how house trained and docile he was.  After having one lot of potential new owners meeting him to look at adopting him, I made the decision to adopt him myself. During the past 3 years before Beau showed signs of his cancer the most scary moment came after having him only 4 months was when he smashed through the front window attempting to chase a intruder who was looking through my cars on my drive. Luckily he only suffered a cut paw and 1500 dollars later after a 2am trip to the emergency vets he was fine.

(Left) Beau the day I rescued him (Right) Beau two years later

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5 Comments so far ↓

  • dougo1

    Has Beau been diagnosed with bone cancer?

    My Cookie has and we had the amputation and 2 chemos

    This is the right place for advice for sure!

  • dougo1

    I’m sorry to hear that. It was in February that I took my Cookie in for what I thought was a sprain and got the diagnosis. I was Devastated as we all are.
    Beau seems like a real fighter which is great when facing this illness.
    I was introduced to this site early on after our diagnosis and found it very helpful.
    We do this FOR our dogs not TOO them is the mantra I kept repeating to myself as far as treatment options.
    Also remember that to ” Be More Dog” is a great attitude meaning they do not know they are battling cancer and to stay as positive as possible throughout treatment will be very helpful for Beau.
    I am also giving the CBD oil and also k9 immunity plus as an immune system booster.
    You will get a lot of great advice from this site and any question you have regarding treatment etc will be answered very quickly by someone with great experience in the matter.

    We know what you are going through and we are all here to support you and that handsome boy in your fight to KICK CANCERS BUTT!!

    I wish you and Beau a smooth treatment and recovery process.


    • lewukoz

      Hey Doug, did you go down the amputation route aswell?

      • dougo1

        Yes we did. The odd thing was she wasn’t in too much pain, but the ” Shadow” on the x ray showed a rather large involvement of bone. I was told well it could be fungal but not much chance or we could just do a biopsy which isn’t 100% conclusive, but even if its fungal the leg has to go so I made the decision rather quickly to amputate and sure enough 10 days later we got the confirmation of Osteosarcoma so I did the right thing FOR her not TOO her.

        She has adjusted to three legs really well and we have had two of our 6 chemo treatments.

        If her lungs are clear after the chemo I WILL put her on the new Listeria vaccine as I figure the year of extra time which is average before the cancer comes back could turn into YEARS of extra time, but I cant put the cart before the horse. I’m just praying she gets through the chemo and the lungs are still clear.

        She tolerates the chemo very well as the dosage for dogs is NOT as strong as what humans get and after the amputation, the chemo is like a very small bump in the road.

        The vaccine is expensive but I would take a second mortgage on my house if need be.

        Are you familiar with the listeria vaccine?

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