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Beau’s fight

Beau’s journey through cancer and amputation

Beau’s fight

Post Biopsy Update

May 8th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Been very busy recently moving between jobs but I got the results back from the surgeon on the full surgical biopsy last week. I got it wrong they did not remove the damaged bone, they just opened beaus leg fully up so they could access the damaged ball joint and they took four samples from the middle of the joint. These samples came back negative for anything. This news has left the surgeon stunned as everything points to cancer but every bone biopsy Beau has had has come back negative for cancer. Its the first time the surgeon in his 20 years as being a veterinarian surgeon that hes had this type of situation.

So the current plan is to now keep an eye on Beau and keep bringing him in every fortnight for a physical examination to see if there are any signs of pain etc. For now I suppose its good news, I just hope that cancer isn’t just hiding itself and in the coming months I look back and regret not amputating beau’s leg to help prevent it from spreading. Beau though currently is fighting fit and is full of energy which is surprising because I’ve seen his CT scan results and he does have dramatic bone loss. Maybe its the CBD oil thats helped, nothing really adds up currently and I suppose the unanswered questions will eventually answer themselves in time. So I guess too be continued….

Gentle Giant

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2 Comments so far ↓

  • dougo1

    WOW Sounds like a very unique situation.

    Great that they did NOT find cancer in the biopsy results.

    Just keep monitoring like you already are, and I hope Beau has MANY More years.

    Whos that ” Hitchin” a ride Haha Love the Pic

  • jerry

    WOW is that a real bird on Beau? How cool!

    I apologize for just now catching up on Beau’s situation, but first, congrats on your new job!

    So about that diagnosis, or lack of one, and all that confusion. It’s not the first time a member here has gone through a similar situation. We’ve had quite a few who have been in your shoes so I encourage you to come to the Forums and bounce some ideas around with everyone.

    Thankfully Beau is feeling pretty good it sounds like.

    Have the test results been submitted to somewhere like UC Davis or Colorado State? Their oncologists offer consulting services that look at complicated, uncertain cases like yours to examine the test results and present ideas that may not have been discussed. Just a thought.

    In the meantime, we hope Beau continues to do well! Keep us posted OK?

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