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Beau’s fight

Beau’s journey through cancer and amputation

Beau’s fight

September update

September 13th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Well after starting to think Beau didn’t hav cancer after all. He did.
6 weeks ago after walking Beau, I was getting him out the car and as I opened the door he bolted out after a cat. He ran about 6 houses down and was jumping up at the fence. After I caught him and the adrenaline had worn off Beau collapsed in pain. His leg was back to how it was so many months ago. I carried him home and took him to the vets.
Beau had fractured his ball joint in 3 places and had it removed as there was no other option. So he had his federal head and neck removed. They were sent away for biopsy and came back as osteosarcoma.
I’ve chosen not to amputate or give him chemo. Simply because I believe that option came and went 4 months ago. For me it’s been too long with the cancer for me to try remove his leg in hope it’s not spread in the 6 months that I’ve known his had it would be pointless.
Instead I continue to treat him with CBD and K9 immunity plus daily.
The vet is still very surprised how well Beau is doing and still has no signs of the cancer elsewhere. I’ve accepted the cancer will kill Beau but this pup won’t go down without a fight and he’s bloody strong.
I became a father for the first time in August and I’m proud as hell Beau got to meet my son. He’s a warrior. I hope he sees out the rest of the year.

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  • tlahaye

    Well, you may be right that the cancer has spread since it was in his system for so long, but then I suspect that is often the case. Our dogs are so stoic and hesitant to display pain or discomfort I suspect they often carry this disease, quietly, for months.

    One thing I remember reading is that osteosarcoma does not cross joints. Yes, it sheds cells that migrate through the body, and cancer in the hip ball is closer to the body’s core than say Casey’s cancer in his wrist, but . . . there’s still hope.

    Wishing you and Beau all the best.

  • jerry

    Wow what a time you and Beau have been through. I’m so sorry you both had such a ruff time especially during the arrival of your son!

    You’ve put a lot of thought into your decision for Beau, and that means it’s the right one for him. He is lucky to have you for a dad, and yes, it’s awesome that your son and your co-pilot in life got to meet. No doubt Beau has some lessons to teach the boy before he gets his wings.

    Soak in every minute with him and know that we will support you every step of the way. Please keep us posted OK?

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